Endodontic Procedures

Today’s advanced endodontic procedures can give you a healthy, functional, and more complete smile. We utilize the latest dental and endodontic technology, including routine use of the surgical operating microscope, dental loupes with added illumination, and digital radiographs.  Our dental materials are cutting edge with extensive scientific study to validate their use.

Our primary focus in providing excellent patient care begins with establishing an appropriate diagnosis before any treatment is recommended. This involves carefully listening to our patients in order to obtain an accurate dental history. We then thoroughly review all radiographs, and perform a comprehensive clinical examination. Once the diagnostic information is collected and integrated, we then discuss our findings together with the patient, reviewing the established diagnosis, and then discussing all treatment options with their associated risks, benefits, and prognoses.  As we find that well-informed patients are paramount to a healthy dentition, ample time is set aside to address any patient questions and concerns.