Advanced Technology

As specialists in conventional and microsurgical endodontics, providing exceptional care includes using the latest in materials and technology.

Surgical Operating Microscopes:

The highly specialized surgical operating microscope allows for increased magnification and fiber optic illumination that are helpful in aiding the doctor to see tiny details inside your tooth. This instrument has revolutionalized the scope of our endodontic practice, enabling enhanced visualization of each procedure with use of fewer radiographs. 

Digital Radiographs (x-rays):

Digital radiographs significantly reduces the amount of radiation to our patient as compared to conventional film radiography.  The digital systems we use have high resolution for accurate detection and diagnosis.  Also, clinical photos with an intraoral camera are often taken to record images of your tooth. This helps to document the doctor’s findings and to further discuss the case with you and the restorative dentist.  Digital radiographs and clinical photos can be viewed within seconds on the computer screen, to facilitate discussion with the patient regarding their tooth, as well as significantly reducing treatment time by eliminating film processing.  

Leader in Endodontics with Cone Beam CT Scanning

Drs. Hoch are committed to elevating the standard-of-quality in endodontic diagnosis and treatment utilizing the Cone Beam Computed Tomography to assist in proper diagnosis and quality treatment.

Our Kodak 8100 3D is an extraoral imaging system that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of complex endodontic cases. The system produces low-dose, high-resolution three dimensional CT images. The Kodak 8100 3D limits radiation dosages to the rough equivalent of four bitewing radiographs, depending on the region of study.

In the 3D mode, the Kodak’s 8100 3D’s unique limited field of view limits radiation while providing studies of small areas of the teeth and jaws. Reconstruction of the images results in high-resolution cross sectional images for more accurate diagnoses and improved treatment planning. It can also takes high resolution panoramic radiographs.

Images are sent on reports sent to referring dentists and can be transferred to a CD or printed onto photographic paper.

CS 8100 3D Digital Panoramic and Cone Beam System.

State of the art Sterilization Area:

Our office abides by all standards established by the Center of Disease Control (CDC), and the American Dental Association (ADA) for sterilization of dental equipment.  Our specialized equipment ensures that our instruments are properly sterilized.  We undergo regular testing to maintain an optimum level of adherence to strict guidelines for the patients’ health and safety. 

We are a Paperless Office:

Our office utilizes a paperless technology.  A digital record is created for all patient information, digital images, and radiographs.  Any and all correspondence from referring doctors is incorporated into the digital file.  Our records are stored on a secure server with multiple back-ups.  This enables to treat our patients more effectively by allowing greater communication between both the patient and referring dentist.  Our referring dentists have the ability to securely log onto our server and view their patients images and notes pertaining to their treatment.  Not only does this technology enhance communication, but it promotes HIPPA privacy.  We encourage you to pre-register at our website to save time when you come in for your appointment.  Please call our office for very easy instructions to utilize this user-friendly technology and for your secure password.